When Haitian Connection was founded in 2005 our primary efforts were directed at providing human and physical resources to a variety of educational projects. With the January 12, 2010 earthquake our focus changed, and we have become focused on three areas:

Houses for Haitian Women

  • Building houses for women to provide women and children a safe place to live as well as allow the women to establish small cottage type industries in their home. In addition house construction provides employment and builds community. Read More...
  • Trees That Feed Foundation has agreed to provide 3 trees to each house that we have built so far as well as the new houses under construction. In addition Haitian Connection will provide a biosand filter with each house being constructed so that the family is able to have clean drinking water which is very important since cholera has not been eliminated yet.

Mental Health Program in Jeremie

  • Establishing a community based mental health program for adults as well as for children and providing employment for trained mental health workers. Read More...
  • In collaboration with Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit we will work on a field research program on Masculinity Research project, that means how do Haitian men define masculinity and manliness. We will also continue our training in massage therapy, another tool in our toolbox to reduce stress in peoples lives. The mental health program now has 16 part-time employees.

Haitian Connection Multi-Purpose Center

The center is located in downtown Jeremie. It serves as the office for Haitian Connection as well as a meeting place for our various projects and activities. It also houses a small gift shop. In partnership with Partners in Parenting Haiti (PIPH) it serves a s a tutoring center for kids in the PIPH program who have some difficulties at school. Every last Saturday of the month we hold our Child-to-Child activities there. It also provides space for psychological counseling, group as well as individual counseling. Through PIPH we are able to employ 4 teachers, and Haitian Connection is employing one part time maintenance person.

The community of Jean Bellune

This is the newest outreach effort of Haitian Connection. Fr. Jean-Rony, Vice President of Haitian Connection is the parish priest (St. Bernard de Clervaux). Haitian Connection assist the community with seed distribution, water filters as well as scholarships for their elementary students. We are introducing a pilot on alternative methods of disciplining students by training teachers in meditation, yoga and mindfulness. Training programs in Divergent Thinking as well as mental health are offered by the staff of Haitian Connection.


Our small microcredit group in Deschamps is still going strong. The seven women in the group are making progress, despite the setbacks caused by hurricane Matthew. They sell anything from sodas to spaghetti, and cosmetics as well as a alcoholic drink made from rum.

Breadfruit Flour Business and Plant Nursery

Two graduates of the University of the Nouvelle Grand-Anse are the owners and managers of Jeremie Breadfruit Flour and Plant Nursery. For the past 2 years they have successfully produced over 10,000 pounds of breadfruit flour and distributed it at orphanages and schools as well as to markets in Port au Prince and Jeremie. Their plant nursery has been producing seedlings for distribution for the past year. This part of the work has taken on greater importance as we wait for the breadfruit trees to grow and produce again. The community of Doudouch has received many seedlings and we are distributing trees to communities further away. This is done in partnership with the Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF). Jeremie Breadfruit Flour and Plant Nursery employs 2 full time employees and 4 part timers.

Haitian Connection Project Alpha

Our literacy program in the community of Latiboliere is very successful We have now 3 levels of program participants, beginners, medium and advance. The enthusiasm for learning to read and write is contagious, and the womens testimonials as to the impact that program has on their lives are truly heart warming. As we start our literacy program again this year, we will combine it with an agricultural component where the participants will plant vegetables and trees, and learn the vocabulary associated with those agricultural concepts. Project Alpha employs 3 part time facilitators.

Poor Relief Fund

Haitian Connection maintains a poor relief fund for those occasions where and when emergency relief is needed outside of our regular scope of activities whether that involves money for medical care or medication, a month tuition, emergency food supplies and others.

Biosand Filters

Haitian Connection has send 2 young Haitians, a young woman and a young man, both graduates of the University of the Nouvelle Grand-Anse to learn how to construct biosand filters. This is a social business providing providing a family with clean drinking water for many years. Each family receiving a filter will be trained in its usage and will receive periodic visits to make sure the filters are properly used. During the construction phase of each filter 5 people have gainful employment.

Objektif yo

Objektif prensipal pou Koneksyon Ayiti se pou mete desantralizasyon sou pye pandan nou mete zefo nou yo nan komin jeremi a. N ap jwenn objektif sa a sou

  • Konstwiksyon kay pou fanm yo kapab bay fanm yo ak timoun yo yon sekirite kote yo viv e yon lokalite kote fanm yo ka fe komes oubyen lot aktivite yo. Anplis konstwiksyon kay yo bay manm nan kominite a travay ak bati yon sans kominote
  • Etabli yon pwogram sante mantal kominote pou tout moun, granmouon ak timoun, e ki ka bay anplwa po moun kap genyen fomasyon kom ajan sante mantal
  • Ogmonte nivo Inivesite Nouvel Grand-Anse ak ed resous imen yo ak angajman pou nou bati enstitisyon an

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Koneksyon Ayiti has been able to secure hot meals for the Rene Philoctecte elementary school in Dekade through the generous donation of over 2000 meals through the Save My Starving Children organization.